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No-welding 2018 Yanhua Mini ACDP Key Programming Full Package Total 9 Modules Included

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Product Description

  1. Yanhua Mini ACDP Key Programming Full package.
  2. Equals SK247 + SK247-1 + SK247-2 + SK247-3 + SK247-4 + SK247-5 + SK247-6 + SK247-7 + SK247-8+Sk247-9
  3. Support CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/CAS4/CAS4+/FEM/BDC Key Programming
  4. Read & Write BMW DME ISN Code by OBD
  5. Read & Write BMW 35080, 35160DO WT
  6. Read & Write Fujitsu CPU MB91F
  7. MQB/MMC Instrument
  8. Refresh BMW Keys
  9. BMW FRM Programming
  10. Support Landrover programming
  11. No Need Soldering
2018 Yanhua Mini ACDP Key Programming Full Package Total 9 Modules Included

Full Package= SK247(Host)+ SK247-1 + SK247-2 + SK247-3 + SK247-4 + SK247-5+ SK247-6+SK247-7+SK247-8+SK247-9

(EEPROM function+ CAS1-CAS4+ FEM/BDC+ 35080/35160DO WT+ Fujitsu CPU MB91F+MQB/MMC Instrument+Refresh BMW Keys + BMW FRM Programming+Land Rover Programming)

Please give us serial number of ACDP Main unit(SK247) when you received the package, we will ask the engineer to open it for you, then you update it to get all the authorization you should have.
Highlights of Yanhua Mini ACDP IMMO/Mileage Programming
No need to remove chip
No need soldering
No need to cut the line
No need to lift the pin
Yanhua Mini ACDP Functions
1. Memory programming:
Support 93/24/25/35/95 series EEPROM in circuit (ICP)and on board(OBP)programming and parts of Freescale/ NEC MCU in circuit programming(ICP).
2. BMW module programming:
(1) Support cas1-cas4+ and FEM/BDC IMMO key programming, mileage reset, program recovery.
(2) BMW engine ECU data reading and ISN code reading
(3) Refresh BMW E chassis/F chassis key to make BMW keys can be used repeatedly.
3. VW module programming: MMC instrument

4. Jaguar and Land Rover KVM Module
5. Instrument mileage and airbag ECU reset/maintenance is under development.
6. BENZ. Audi and various models are upgraded successively
Yanhua Mini ACDP 9 Modules Introduction
The 9 modules are included in this full package, no need to pay more. It can also be sold separately.
BMW CAS4/CAS4+ (SK247-1):
Read CAS4 EEPROM without soldering/welding
Add Keys without soldering/welding
Reset Mileage without soldering/welding
Back up or recover CAS without soldering/welding
All keys Lost without soldering/welding
FEM/BDC (SK247-2):
All keys lost without soldering/welding
Add keys without soldering/welding
Delete Keys without soldering/welding
Enable/Disable keys without soldering/welding
Read Key ID
Repair/Replace FEM Module without soldering/welding
Reset Mileage without soldering/welding
With this authorization, you can change VIN in FEM/BDC, check the instruction here How to use Yanhua Mini ACDP to change VIN in FEM/BDC
Read and Write ISN Code (SK247-3):
N20(mevd1724, mevd172P, mevd1729), N13(mevd1725, ), N55(mevd172, mevd1726, mevd172G, mevd172S, MEVD17, ), MSV80, MSD81, MSD85, MSD85HY, MSD87, MSV90, MEVD1728(s63), mev1722, med172, mevd1727, dde701_edc17c50, BMSX….
BMW 35080, 35160DO WT Read & Write (SK247-4)
Read and write BMW M35080, 35160DO WT etc EEPROM
Fujitsu CPU MB91F Read & Write Module (SK247-5)
Supports Honda FIT, Vezel, Fifth generation Hyundai Sonata, Kia K3/K5 etc Fujitsu CPU MB91F series read & write function.
MQB/MMC Instrument Module (SK247-6)
Refresh BMW Keys Module (SK247-7)
Click our offical blog to check: How to refresh BMV keys with Yanhua Mini ACDP via computer
BMW FRM Programming Module (SK247-8)
Click our offical blog to check:How to do BMW FRM Programming with Yanhua Mini ACDP via Androrid phone

Jaguar Land Rover Module (SK247-9)
Support KVM from 2014-2018 Add Key & All Key Lost
Comparsion between Different Modules of Yanhua Mini ACDP Key Programmer
Module Name Function Price (USD)

ACDP Programmer

Basic Module

Support 93 /24/ 25 / 35/ 95 Series EEPROM in circuit programming (ICP) and on adapter board programming (OBP), and parts of Freescale / NEC MCU in circuit programming(ICP). This module is a necessary basic configuration for other modules. 219
SK247-1 CAS Module (1) Support CAS1 – CAS3+ IMMO key programming by OBD or ICP mode, Mileage reset, Read/Write EEPROM and FLASH data.
(2) Support CAS4/CAS4+ IMMO key programming in circuit programming (ICP), Mileage reset, Read/Write EEPROM and FLASH data.
SK247-2 FEM/BDC Module Support FEM/BDC IMMO key programming by ICP or OBP mode, Mileage reset, Recover/Backup data. 415
SK247-3 ISN Module Read/write N20/N55/N13 ISN code via OBD.
Read/write MSV80/MSD85 ISN code without opening DME shell.
Read/write other DME ISN code by opening DME shell.
SK247-4 35160 Module Support erase/adjust mileage of 080DOWQ/T,160DOWQ/T EEPROM. 129
SK247-5 Fujitsu CPU MB91F Module Support Fujitsu CPU MB91F (Honda Fit, KIA K3/K5, Sonata 9, etc.) Mileage adjustment. 109
SK247-6 MQB/MMC Instrument Support parts of VDO mileage adjustment of VW MQB platform via OBD,and Passat MMC (NEC D70F3525 + 95320) instrument
adjustment after years 2015 by ICP mode.
SK247-7 Refresh BMW key Refresh BMW E chassis/F chassis key to make BMW keys can be used repeatedly. 55
SK247-8 FRM module
(FRM Footwell module)
Read and write BMW FRM module (FRM Footwell module) 0L15Y chip EEPROM/FLASH data.
Read and write 3M25J chip EEPROM/D-FLASH/P-FLASH data.
Sk247-9 Jaguar and Land Rover KVM Module Supporting adding key and all key lost for new Jaguar and Land Rover after year 2015  
Supported mobile phones: 

1. Apple IOS mobile phone, IOS system computer,
2. PC version computer terminal;
3. Android mobile phone: Xiaomi, OPPO, Samsung (all Qualcomm chipsets support); Note: Huawei mobile phone is not supported.
For Android Phone,please Scan the QR code to Install ACDP App 
For iOS Phone, please enter "Mini ACDP“ in App Store to download the APP.

Yanhua ACDP Solder Free Programming Master

PC Version: PC Software Free Download

ICP: Memory and MCU programming In Circuits

Yanhua ACDP Solder Free Programming Master

MCU programming in Circuits

Yanhua ACDP Solder Free Programming Master

Yanhua Mini ACDP Master Package List:
1pc x ACDP Programmer Master
1pc x OBP+ICP adapter
1pc x Puncture socket
1pc x P8P ribbon cable
1pc x 8P cable
1pc x 20P cable
1pc x P CAN cable set
1pc x 12V power adapter
3pcs x paint surface cleaning needles (1.0mm,0.8mm,0.5mm)
Adaper List (SK247-1)
1pc x BAV-KEY adapter
1pc x BDM01 adapter
1pc x BMW-CAS3 interface board
1pc x BMW-CAS4 interface board
1pc x BMW CAS2/3/4 interface
1pc x CAS3 firmware package
1pc x CAS4 firmware package
Adapter List (SK247-2)
1pc x FEM bridge
1pc x BDC bridge
1pc x Desktop OBD transfer board
1pc x BMW FEM/BDC test platform
1pc x Single-pin double-head cable
1pc x FEM bridge firmware package
1pc x BDC bridge firmware package
Adapter List (SK247-3)
1pc x BMW-N13 port board
1pc x N20 caliper for opening the hole of shell
1pc x N13 firmware package of interface board
Adapter List (SK247-4)
1pc x Yanhua Mini ACDP Programming Master BMW 35080 & 35160DO Adapter
Adapter List (SK247-5)
1pc x HONDA FIT DELUXE Interface board
1pc x HONDA FIT GENERAL Interface board
1pc x KIA K3 Interface board
1pc x KIA K5 Interface board -1
1pc x KIA K5 Interface board -2
1pc x Sonata Interface board -1
1pc x Sonata Interface board -2

Adapter List (SK247-6)

Adapter List (SK247-7)
Adapter List (SK247-8)

Adapter List (Module 9 Land Rover SK247-9)

1pc x OBP+ ICP Adapter
1pc x BDM Adapter
3pcs x KVM Module

Mrs.Bella Cai
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Tech Support

User Tips for Yanhua Mini ACDP:

1.There is App Help to teach you how to use this tool easily:


2. There is automatic connection test function, If it is not connected, the software will not prompt the next step. This prevents reading data lost due to contact problems. Reduced the risk to test the car.

3.Can repair the fem module data, no worry about data lost.With data repair function, data is no longer valuable.
When do the bmw fem function, if the fem module hardware is good, but the fem module data have problems. you can repair the data if you know the data version.If you do not know the data version, then select the latest version of the data. Then use the original equipment to do synchronous matching.

How to change FEM module(Fem anti-theft data backup writing):
When you find that fem module hardware is broken, you want to have a good fem module, then you can read the data of the fem module with the problematic hardware and then write it to the good fem module. Then Install the well-written fem module on the car. If the car is faulty, you can use the original equipment to clear the fault.So easy to change moduel for car.

4.Easier to do BMW CAS3+ CAS4+ functions than other device.If you want to do CAS3+ CAS4+ Function, just need to remove the CAS3+ CAS4+ Module, then use the ACDP CAS3+ CAS4+ Adapter to operate it.
Because all current devices need to be downgraded if they do cas3+ cas4+ through obd2 interface. During the downgrade process, data will be lost, or historical failures will be left behind. Then fault code may not be cleared.So now most devices use cas3+ cas4+ to read data after welding data or connecting wires.But Yanhua Acdp just simply disconnect the cas3+ cas4+ module, and connect directly through the adapter to do it.If there are some contact points with three anti-paints,then need to be cleaned by customers.Eliminates the pain of soldering the chip and soldering the connection wires.

5.Attention when you Yanhua acdp:
A.Bluetooth must be turned on, you can search acdp Bluetooth, but must not match the Bluetooth.[Some phones may not search the acdp Bluetooth and then need to open location service. Find it on the security and privacy setting. 】

B.The phone must be connected to a wifi router or another phone's hotspot.【Because yanhua acdp data communication is through wifi communication】If you cannot match it,please check if the WiFi signal is strong or the password is not wrong,The wifi name cannot have Chinese or other special characters. The current setting can only recognize English and numbers.

C.Does not support 5G signals.

E. Can be used offline. If you have download all the data for the first time when you use, then you can use it offline. Only need to connect it online when update it.

6.Yanhua ACDP Match:

A.Turn one the Bluetooth on the phone, and search the ACDP Bluetooth, but no need to match the bluetooth.
If you click “ Match”, then need password.【and you click match, then it is wrong to do like this】

B.Open WIFI on your phone and match the WIFI.

Open the acdp app and select it for the first time according to our video. Follow the prompts to match acdp to wifi and phone. Then you can test a car on the App.

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