Original Scorpio Barracuda Programmer and Remote Renew Tool

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Product Description

Original Scorpio Barracuda Programmer and Remote Renew Tool
Original Scorpio Barracuda Programmer and Remote Renew Tool

Baraccuda is a new advanced platform , which allow us to pursue functionality, which are very difficult to achive with our current line up of programmers. Similiar to Tango and Orange5 which will give us the opportunity to add new functions and solutions without replacing any of our existing devices.
The device is intended to complement Tango programmer.

Adapters from Orange-5 and Omega are not compatible with Barracuda.
Functions from our existing lineup of programmers will not overlap with the Barracuda programmer. The first branch of Barracuda programmer features that will be included in base software is Reset/Renewal of used HITAG based vehicle keys.
List of the Supported types can be found in the table under this paragraph. Every single one of the functions are independently developed and tested.
New functions are in procces of implementing and developing.
New functions will be modular, some of them will be included in the base software, others will require additional activation.

Barracuda base version will contain :

  • Barracuda base hardware
  • Barracuda base software
  • Barracuda database HITAG reset module 1
  • Barracuda cable PCF 1 (in-circuit, soldering tips)
  • Barracuda cable PCF 2 (in-circuit, 2xCrocodile clips & 2xProbe needles)
  • Adapter PCF (in-circuit & expansion)
  • Adapter PCF 7941 (for soldering)
  • Adapter PCF 7945AC (for soldering)
  • Adapter PCF 7952 (for soldering)
  • Adapter PCF 7953/45 (for soldering)
  • Adapter PCF 7953 38pin (for soldering)
  • Adapter PCF 7961 (for soldering)



— Windows XP/7/8/10 32&64bit PC or Laptop
— USB 2.0/3.0 port
— External power supply unit 9-24V DC, plug size 5.5×2.1mm
(not included in base version due to weight, acquire locally)

Barracuda Features List:

Free Utilities:
— PCF 7931 (Read, Write, Erase, Lock)
— PCF 7941 (Read, Write, Erase, Lock)
— PCF 7945 (Read, Write, Erase, Lock)
— PCF 7952 (Read, Write, Erase, Lock)
— PCF 7953 (Read, Write, Erase, Lock)
— PCF 7961 (Read, Write, Erase, Lock)
Programmer Details
Alfa Romeo
V1 PCF 7341 Details
V1 PCF 7945AC0902 Details
V2 PCF 7945AC0911 Details
V3 PCF 7945AC2319 Details
V4 KeylessGo PCF 7945AC0902 Details
Remote PCF 7945 Details
KeylessGo PCF 7952 Details
KeylessGo PCF 7953 Details
Remote China V1 PCF 7952 Details
Hella 434Mhz PCF 7953 Details
HUF5661 868Mhz PCF7953 Details
HUF5663 434Mhz PCF7953 Details
HUF5767 434Mhz PCF7953 Details
Siemens 315Mhz PCF 7953PC110 Details
V1 PCF 7941 Details
V1 PCF 7941 Details
V2 PCF 7941 Details
V3 PCF 7941 Details
V4 PCF 7941 Details
V5 PCF 7941 Details
V6 PCF 7941 Details
V7 PCF 7941 Details
V8 PCF 7941 Details
V9 PCF 7941 Details
V1 PCF 7953 Details
V1 PCF 7941 Details
V1 PCF 7945 Details
V1 PCF 7961 Details
V2 PCF 7941 Details
V1 PCF 7953 Details
V2 PCF 7953 Details
V3 Keyless Go PCF 7953 Details
V4 PCF 7952 Details
V5 PCF 7952 Details
V6 PCF 7952 Details
V1 PCF 7953 Details
V1 PCF 7952 Details
V2 PCF 7953 Details
V1 PCF 7961 Details
V2 PCF 7941 Details
V3 PCF 7941 Details
V4 PCF 7961 Details
Land Rover
V1 433Mhz PCF 7953 Details
V2 Vogue PCF 7941 Details
V3 Freelander PCF 7945 Details
V4 Discovery, Sport PCF 7941 Details
V5 315Mhz PCF 7953 Details
V1 434Mhz PCF 7953 38pin Details
V2 868Mhz PCF 7953 Details
V1 KeylessGo PCF 7952 Details
V2 PCF 7941 Details
V1 PCF 7952 Details
V2 PCF 7952 Details
V3 PCF 7961 Details
V4 PCF 7953 Details
V5 PCF 7961 Details
General Motors (Chevrolet / Opel / Vauxhall)
V1 PCF 7341 Details
V2 PCF 7341 Details
V3 PCF 7941 Details
V4 PCF 7941 Details
V1 PCF 7961 Details
V2 PCF 7345 Details
V3 PCF 7341 Details
V4 PCF 7341 Details
V5 PCF 7341 Details
V1 KeylessGo 315Mhz PCF 7953PC1200 Details
V2 Remote 315Mhz PCF 7953PC1800 Details
V3 KeylessGo 434Mhz PCF 7953PC1800 Details
V1 PCF 7952 Details
V2 PCF 7941 Details
V3 PCF 7945 Details
V1 PCF 7961 Details
V2 PCF 7961M Details
V3 PCF 7961 Details
Rolls Royce
V1 PCF 7953 Details
V1 PCF 7941 Details
V1 PCF 7961 Details
V1 PCF 7953AC1500 Details
V1 PCF 7945 Details
V1 PCF 7953AC1500 Details
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