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[US Ship] V20.3 T300 T300+ Key Programmer English Version BLACK

[US Ship] V20.3 T300 T300+ Key Programmer English Version BLACK

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T300 T300+ Key programmer is classic unviersal auto key programmer for locksmith. It mainly focus on vehicle before 2007 year, this version support English language.

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by Mr.andrew wambah on Nov 24, 2012
Hi can T300 Key programmer work on mercides actross,renult 440 magnum,scania trucks ,japanese,asian,europe cars and if not which other type in your list can perfome better.Thanks in advance.
Replied by Jessica on Nov 25, 2012
dear friend,

how are you?

T300 just can do cars, cannot do Trucks and is main for Europe cars!

if you want to all the cars you refered, you can choose Digimsater 3


by Dale de lange on Sep 28, 2012
the itim is up for free shipping but then supprise $65.00 pleas tell me y.
Replied by Jessica on Oct 5, 2012
dear friend,

sorry for that, this product is not free shipping, we made a mistake!


by Ms.Karla on Aug 29, 2011
hello I've heard that these devices have a limited number of key programming, I want to know if this device has some limited programming of keys?
Replied by Cookie on Aug 29, 2011
Hi dear friend,

The T300 has no limited number,it has no tokens when use it.

Thanks and best regards

by Mr.ismaheel yussuf on Apr 9, 2011
I have friend of my in african, he ask me to help him buy t300 ,my question do you send goods to african?
Replied by Angela on Apr 9, 2011
Hi dear Mr Ismaheel

How are you?

Yes,we can ship products to anywhere all over the world. So don't worry, we can ship it to Africa.

Thank you and best regards

by Mr.Mohamed Rasheed on Mar 26, 2011
Can T300 9.9V match for Mazda Verisa 2005
Replied by Marshall on Mar 27, 2011

T300 can do 2005 Mazda,but we don't have a try on Mazda Verisa 2005.

Hope this can help you.

by Lucrecio Lopes on Mar 22, 2011
Dear sirs

can this device support VW IV models?

Replied by Marshall on Mar 22, 2011

It can do VW 4,but need you tell me your car year.
T300 can do most car till 2007.

Any problem,pls feel free to contact me!

by Ms.Regina Addae on Mar 20, 2011
i need t300 key programmer can i pls talk to someone about it ,i need a nub to call pls
Replied by Marshall on Mar 20, 2011

You can add us at MSN,YAHOO,or talk with us on line.

Skype: greebid
yahoo: greebid9

You can contact us at my phone 86-13476108995.

by Mr.Mohamed Rasheed on Mar 19, 2011
What is the shipping method you are using to ship Maldives, i don't like Singpost for my goods. so please give the shippng mode you are going to use.
Thanks and Regards
Replied by Marshall on Mar 20, 2011
Hi,Mr Mohamaed,

We will ship this tool by DHL,we can send it to Maldives.
Usually,we will send above 150USD product by DHL.

Thanks for your support!
by Mr.Garry on Mar 19, 2011
I want to be able to program my Ducati transponder keys, 2004 onwards.. What is the correct Key Programmer to use from your listing?

Thankyou in advance,
Replied by Marshall on Mar 21, 2011

Is Ducati a motorcycle?
We don't have tool for motorcycle,sorry.

Any problem,pls feel free to contact us!
by Ms.Theresa Collins on Feb 17, 2011
HI: We need a programmer to program 2007 and newer Ford and Chrysler products. Do you have a programmer compatible for these vehicles. Not import vehicles just domistic . thanks
Replied by Marshall on Feb 18, 2011

Thanks for you visiting our website.

For FORD,we have SBB V33 can do parts of  the ford car till 09.T300 can't do FORD.
For Chrysler,we don't have a tool can do very newer car.

Any problem,pls feel free to contact us!

by Mr.Clive Skelhorn on Jan 25, 2011
My MGF is from 2000 and is fitted with a MEMS 1.9 ECU which is NOT OBD II compatable and the packing list states for the Sbb states:

1pc x SBB Main Unit
1pc x OBD II cable
1pc x AC adapter
1pc x CD with user manuals & updating software

I do not see the cable for my vehicle.


Replied by Angela on Jan 25, 2011
Hi dear Clive

How are you?

I have asked my engineer, he told me that if your car is not OBD protocol, it can not do your car. Sorry.

Thank you and best regards

by Mr.Clive Skelhorn on Jan 24, 2011
many thanks for the answer but, what will it do ??

Will it read the error codes

Does it come complete with the cables to connect to my car

Many thanks
Replied by Angela on Jan 25, 2011
Hi dear Cilve

How are you?

Yes, it  can read the error codes, and will come with the cable to connect to your car.

Thank you and best regards

by Mr.Skelhorn on Jan 24, 2011
Angela, in answer to you, the car is an Rover/MGF with Mems 1.9 ECU. Your list says you can connect to it, but my question is does it read the fault codes from this type of ECU.and is the unit supplied with the correct cables to connect to it.

Replied by Angela on Jan 24, 2011
Hi dear Clive

Thank you for your prompt reply. I have asked my engineer about your problem, he told me that T300 can not do your Rover/MGF car.

But Sbb can do your car,it is the car list:
  MGF  97-03
  MINI  97-03
  TF  02-
  ZR  01-
  ZS  01-
  ZT  01-
  100  97-
  200  97-
  400  97-98
  45  00-

You can also check this link:

Can you also tell me what year for your Rover/MGF car?

Thank you and best regards

by Mr.Clive Skelhorn on Jan 21, 2011
Does this work for the MG MGF with MEMS1.9 and if so is it supplied with a suitable interconnection cable (please note that MEMS1.9 is not OBD compliant)
Best Regards

Replied by Angela on Jan 24, 2011
Hi dear Clive

How are you?

I am sorry, can you tell me what car models you mean?

Thank you and best regards

by on Jan 17, 2011
I have one of these products and I can attest that they work just fine. I would like to know if the distributor has any information re: the 'response code' which is required for chrysler products 2005 and up.
Replied by Marshall on Jan 18, 2011
T300 can't do chrysler car.
Any problem,please feel free to contact us!
by Mr.Carlos cardoso on Jan 14, 2011
this version is with tokens , and total cost to argentina is freeshiping for 200 us$ ?
Replied by Angela on Jan 15, 2011
Hi dear Mr Calos

How are you?

T300 don't need Tokens, the unit price is 199USD, including the shipping cost by dhl, delivery usually needs 3-5 days to Argentina.

Thank you and best regards


by Mr.GABRIEL BUSTOS on Aug 14, 2010
t300 en español
Replied by Angela on Aug 15, 2010
Hi dear friend,

Thanks for enquiring.T300 has two versions, one is V9.2 English ,and the other is V8.5 Spanish.

So you could choose the  language you want.

Any question pls feel free let me know.

Best Regards

by Ms.lorraine lima on Jun 1, 2010
thanks i received my package. The screen looks all scratched up like if this item has been use. i was wondering if u still have the blue on available. i also tired to program a linclon town car today and the computer states what car make and i put ford then it does not give me the choice to put linclon town car or mercury what can i do and how do i do it

Replied by Cai on Jun 1, 2010
Hi dear friend

The products on our company are all complete new. There are manuels for all the car types on the CD, you can check it out first.

If any problems, pls feel free to contact us.

Thank you and best regards

by Ms.lorraine lima on May 6, 2010
please call me if you can at 347-862-8195 or email me

i would like to know if this item comes with the code to program

or do i have to purchase somthing else for the code espeacially for lincon town cars
Replied by Cai on May 6, 2010
Hi dear friend
T300 needs alarm code of the car when it makes keys. You can go to the 4S SHOP to get this code. Because we can not know what is your alarm code.
By the way, can you tell me what year of your lincon car? Because the T300 just can do the cars from 96 to 2005.
If any problems, you can contact us.
Thank you and best regards
by Mr.Murilo Minelli on Apr 23, 2010
What is the value of the product being transported to the city of Piracicaba-SP-Brazil.
In U.S. dollars, and what is the deadline,
This is the last version?
Thank you. I await answers. I interassado the product.
Replied by Cai on Apr 23, 2010
Dear friend
the total price is 229.99usd to Piracicaba-SP-Brazil,it is free can place an order on our website directly .we accept paypal,TT and western union for payment.our paypal account is if you want to pay with other mehtod,pls let me know,i will give you the detailed informtaion.we will send it out through dhl,delivery usually needs 3-5days.

the price on our website is lowest is the latest version on our company.

any problems,you can contact us.

thank you and best regards from
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