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JMA TRS-5000+ID46 Decoder Box ID 46 Copy Box

JMA TRS-5000+ID46 Decoder Box ID 46 Copy Box

  • Item No. SK139
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JMA TRS-5000 Cloning Machine is designed to detect, read and clone transponder keys. Specifically designed for cloning Texas Instruments fixed code and crypto transponders and Phillips Crypted transponders on to JMA's proprietary TPX1, TPX2 glass tag transponders.

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by Mr.Rodolfo on Jul 11, 2017
Hi I bought some years ago this key clones. My question is does the id 46 decoder box, id 46 copy box (white box) on sale
Replied by wangdan on Jul 11, 2017
no,it is out of stock already
by Mr.Bryan Lars on Jan 8, 2015
Will this box and the TRS-5000 work better together than the CN900 ID46 box that you suggested that I not use? Or do I just need to buy a CN900 or ND900 if I want to copy ID46 chips?
Replied by vivi on Jan 8, 2015
hello, this box and the TRS-5000 can not copy id46 well. we have customers tested it. 
if you want copy ID46 chips, you need buy CN900 plus CN900 ID46 box, only cn900 can not do.  please check Item No. SK124  
by MIV on Oct 1, 2013
What chips are copied ID46 and 4D?4C
Replied by vivi on Oct 5, 2013
hello, sorry for the late reply

TRS-5000 transponder duplicator is capable of cloning key type:
Fixed code chips: TP01, TP03, TP04,TP05.
Phillips (crypto): TP09 , TP10, TP12, TP13, TP14,TP16
Texas 4C (fixed): TP02,TP07.
Texas 4D (crypto): TP06, TP19, TP20, TP21, TP26, TP27, TP28, TP29, TP30,TP31
It will also help you to identify many other encrypted transponders.
46 decoder box can copy all ID46 chip:
BMW 46 chip
ACURA 46 chips
Honda CRV  FIT(NEW)  Accord(2008) Civic 46 chips
Mazda haima 46 chips
Mitsubishi 46 chips
Buick GMC CRUZE 46 chip
New Chery tiggo A3 46 chips
Nissan QASHQAI Q35 46 chip
Brilliance 46 chip
Peugeot/Citroen 307  206 -46 chips
Triumph  Senna 406 (2001year)
Picasso 46 chip
Suzuki swifts SX4  46 chip
Land Rover FREELANDER 46 chip
Geely dedicated 46 chip...
by Mr.nuno on Aug 1, 2013
high quality, thank you seller
by Mr.ZHIVKO TOTEV on Jul 28, 2013
can it work together with original zedbull?
Replied by vivi on Jul 28, 2013
Thanks for visiting website.
Sorry,it can't,thank you!
Any problem, please feel free to contact us.
We are always at your service.
by Mr.RUBEN MARCOS on Jul 28, 2013
Hello, The device 46 supports a jma trs5000?
Replied by vivi on Jul 28, 2013
Thanks for visiting website.
Yes,it supports,thank you!
Any problem, please feel free to contact us.
We are always at your service.
by Mr.JohnDoe on Jul 24, 2013
what is the difference between sk129 and sk139?
Replied by Besty on Jul 24, 2013
Hi friend 
Good day!
It;s depend on the type of the chip on  your car ,4D and  ID46 are twl different type,thank you !
by geoffrey fox on Jul 24, 2013
With this JMA TRS-5000 key programmer only but no ID46 box ,is it possible for me to copy ID46 keys?
Replied by vivi on Jul 24, 2013

Thanks for visiting website.

Yes,you can't work it with 4D chips without 4D box ,also without 46box,you can't work with 46 chips,thank you !

Any problem, please feel free to contact us.

We are always at your service.
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