What is the Difference Between Mini KD Keydiy Key Remote Maker and KEYDIY B-OBD KD Entry?

There are two different ket remote generator released on carkeydeals.com recently,customers may have question about them as same function while price not,here we will illustrate their similarities and differences.

Mini KD Keydiy Key Remote Maker Generator

KEYDIY B-OBD KD Entry for Smartphones to Car Remotes Entry

Mini KD Keydiy is supposed to generate remote keys,it can generate keys for more than 1000 cars
KEYDIY B-OBD KD Entry is a  tool to turn your smart phone to be car remoter,support more than 200 cars

Mini KD Keydiy done through the line with phone to do remote control
KEYDIY B-OBD KD Entry done through the phone obd2 port