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Here we attach the list of red envelopes, and we will send e-mail to the winners separately, you can also check here, and we will update the list of the winner here everyday, so you ahve chance to get the red envelopes every day!

1. All envelopes can only be used on your next orders.
2. One order can just use one red envelope, and one for one time, 
3. All envelopes Valid for two months.

          Winning Date Name              Order Number          Reasons     Bonus Amount
1 7.28 juan villarreal KD15072813530 The first≥ $150 10USD
2 7.28 Michail Wilson KD15072813532 Highest amount ($589) 20USD
3 7.28 Mr.haru KD15072813534 The last≥ $150 10USD
4 7.29 john chaplin KD15072913535 The first≥ $150 10USD
5 7.29 albert polm KD15072913526 Highest amount($916.08) 20USD
6 7.29 Mr.Wayne Chen KD15072913537 The last≥ $150 10USD
7. 7.30 david corl KD15073013528 The first≥$150 10USD
8. 7.30 Raul kuar KD15073013544 The last order and Highest amount($458.98) 30USD
9 7.31 kopman KD15073113536 The first≥$150 10USD
10 7.31 Kubazzz KD15073113541 Highest amount($1499) 20USD
11 7.31 Mau Dawei KD15073113546 The last≥ $150 10USD
12 8.1 juan martinez KD15080113546 The first≥$150 10USD
13 8.1 Marc Tru KD15080113449 Highest amount($685.30) 20USD
14 8.1 Sulaco Ken KD15080113451 The last≥ $150 10USD
15 8.2 Biglin KD15080213443 First order and Highest amount($589) 30USD
16 8.2 Glock KD15080213454 The last≥ $150 10USD
17. 8.3 pullo smith KD15080313549 First order and Highest amount ($743.89) 20USD
18 8.3 lock wick KD15080312553 The last≥ $150 10USD
19 8.4 Mr.Stephen Walters KD15080413555 The first≥$150 10USD
20 8.4 Crol Wens KD15080413558 Highest amount($1209) 20USD
21 8.4 key-tech KD15080413561 The last≥ $150 10USD
22 8.5 lockpicker KD15080513556 The first≥$150 10USD
23 8.5 Shay Gigi KD15080513557 Highest amount($2998) 20USD
24 8.5 Cleakdo Dazc KD15080513563 The last≥ $150 10USD

How to use the red envelops?
1. Please make a pending order.
2. Contact us, and then we will reduce the money for you directly.
3. Then you can pay it.

Any problem, please feel free to contact us.


CarKeyDeals Team