This Week Product Price Notification

This week there are many products' price are dropped. And you can buy them asap if you need. 

SA1231   BENZ KEY 3 BUTTON  Only 95USD now, original price is 149USD, only one pirce left

SK121     ID46 Decoder for ND900, Only 239USD, last price is 279USD, dropped 40USD

SA416     MYVI chip 52XXX, only 2.4USD/piece, original price is 2.8USD/piece

SK122    ND900+ID46 the Copy Machine, only 729USD now, original price is 769USD

SA145    Modified flip remote key shell 3 button for Hyundai I30 IX35, only 18.99USD now, original price is 33.99USD

SK155-B  Portuguese SKP900, only 729USD now, last price is 920USD, dropped almost 200USD.

SK153    KD900 Remote Maker, only 399USD, original price is 559USD, dropped 160USD

And the item SK81-B (Car Key Master CKM200 Handset) has only two sets left, it will be out of production after they sold out, catch the last chance!