Difference Between CN900, ND900, Quickly TS888 and Handy Baby Key Programmer

  CN900 ND900 Quickly TS888   Handy Baby
Update Online Online No Online
Language  English
Copy 4C
Yes, use CN1(SA156) Yes,use particular designed 4D/4C Chip(SA1493)
Copy 4D
Yes, need work with CN900 4D decoder, use CN2(SA157) Yes, need work with ND900 4D decoder, use CN2 Yes, can buy Quickly 4D decoder, use CN2 Yes,use particular designed 4D/4C Chip
Copy 46 Chip Yes,need to work with CN900 46 decoder, use CN3(SA1236) Yes,need to work with ND900 46 decoder, use CN3 Yes, can buy CN900's 46 decoder, use CN3 Yes, use handy baby ID46 chip(SA1492)
Toyota G chip Yes,need to work with G box of CN900, use CN5 Toyota G Chip(SA1506) Yes,need to work with G box of ND900, use CN5 Toyota G Chip(SA1506) NO Yes, need to open G function authorization, use Handy Baby G chip(SA1630)
SK94+SK123-B SK95+SK121-B    SK166
Summary  Handy Baby key programmer can repalce CN900/ND900/Quickly TS888, those four key programmers have the same function, just the Quickly TS888 key programmer doesn't support G function now, may be improved in future.