Cbay Handy Baby Update to V8.3.0 Newest

Handy Baby V8.3.0 newly released:

Handy baby and JMD Assistant update to new version,Audi 4th/5th generation keys cloning come ture,it is easy to do and have no risk,and JMD keys can use for cloning and program with other tools too.

Handy Baby V8.3.0 newly released

Handy Baby Version V8.3.0 New Added Function:

1,Audi half keyless 754c clone;
2,Audi half keyless 754j clone;
3,Audi A6 ID8E clone;
4,Audi 4th generation ID48 clone;
5,BMW motorcycle 4D70-DST80 clone(online);
6,Chevorlet Lova 4D70--DST80 clone(online);
7,Great Wall H6(Diesel version) ID46 generate;
8,GM 4D70-DST80 genarate;
9,Fix bugs konwn;